Every woman is gorgeous inside and out, and I'm out to prove it to you! Whether you're looking for a session to look back on years down the road (and say, "That's me, and I look fabulous!"), to celebrate a recent weight loss journey, or to just find that inner goddess again, you've come to the right place. At Lush Intimate Studios, we take the time to find out exactly how you would like to be photographed. The complimentary consultation at the studio will have you beaming with excitement as we walk through the studio, show you the Studio Closet, and sip wine while you answer some fun questions! You'll be able to see all the heirloom products available to you, and see what's most popular to display in your home. Let the pampering begin!

Your Story

Women are absolutely amazing; mothers in particular. Mothers are some of the most overworked, under-appreciated people on the planet. They are self-sacrificing, caring, giving, and relentless, yet sometimes they don't value themselves. They think they are just 'mom,' and have lost that youthful spark and their individuality along this road called life. I am here to help bring her back to life and show her that no matter what age, no matter what life has thrown at her, that she is beautiful and loved. Let Lush Intimate Studios give you the pampering experience you deserve. It's time!

At Lush Intimate Studios, I strive to give each and every client a custom, unique experience. Specializing in Boudoir & Glamour portraits, and extending into most everything related to women, we'll have fun creating a session unique to you. With a newly renovated studio in the heart of downtown Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, I am able to cater to my clients and their needs. I am a full service photographer, complete with separate Reveal & Ordering Sessions where I help you make decisions on heirloom artwork to display in your home. Wine is a necessity in every consultation and viewing session, as you deserve to be pampered along the way. Contact me about setting up your complimentary consultation to discuss your custom session!